You know that feeling, the one where you feel like you're missing something? You didn't just misplace it, it's something important, something big. Often times, it's nothing, or at least nothing of real importance. But sometimes, it isn't just a nagging feeling the back of your mind, sometimes it is real, and far bigger than you ever could've imagined. read more.

more than me is a glee, au rpg, with a multiples concept +

Guys, the pace of the dash is very comfortable. A little too comfortable, maybe. It’s great, and I’m pleased that you guys are all interacting, but what do we do to make the dash explode a little more? If anybody has any suggestions, such as character changes, big events, etc, we’d love to hear them! We want this place to be as awesome as it possibly can be.

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Similar to our lest sessions, this conversation is to be recorded. We’ll start from the beginning as we did before.

  1. What’s your name and how old are you?
  2. How are you feeling today?
  3. What have you been doing to occupy your time here?
  4. Do you have any anger towards the fact you are just finding out you are a triplet now?
  5. Have you interacted with your siblings much?
  6. If answered yes to question 4: Do you get along better with one of them? Which one?
  7. If answered no to question 4: Why not? Do you want to?
  8. Outside of your siblings, have you connected with anybody in the group more strongly than others?
  9. And, lastly, do you have any intentions of leaving soon?
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FOLLOW: Alyssa Lewis.


Congratulations, Bri! You have been accepted for the role of Alyssa Lewis. Please send in your account within 24 hours, and read over the new members check list, too.

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We’re going to be closing the role of ALYSSA LEWIS at 4:15 PM EST. This gives anyone interested in the role just a bit over an hour to get in your application!